Welcome to the first ever Elysian Yacht blog post! Here you’ll find crew biographies and interviews, testimonies and tall-tales from those who’ve had the pleasure of spending time on the Elysian, boat show experiences, location reviews, cocktail recipes (straight from very competitive and top secret on-board competitions), and more.

But all of this is yet to come. First, I'd like to go back to the beginning - to the maiden voyage of the Elysian in June 2016. Back when we were less burnt and bruised and sun-soaked - back to the bow as we transitioned the Elandess to the Elysian.

Why Elysian?

“What’s in a name?” Romeo famously asked. Well, a lot. My family logged an embarrassing number of hours trying to agree on a name. The decision felt too big, too beyond us. We started with a list of around twenty names. When we went to narrow those down we, somehow, ended up with fifty names. Nothing felt right. Finally, my Dad said enough is enough and made us all vote – very democratic of him. Well, aside from the fact that it was noted that, as always, my Mom had the ultimate say.

So, finally, it was decided: Elysian.

Elysian (adj.): Beautiful or creative. Divinely inspired. Peaceful or perfect.

Jeff Brown -JCB15694.jpg

My mom insists that ships have souls. If so, I wonder, did our Elysian know then she'd live up to her name? As we took her down a new path, was she sure of her magic and power? I can't be sure, but as we all stood in ceremony, anxious and eager, curious and boiling over with excitement about what was to come, I think she did.

While there were many factors that helped Elysian fulfill the high bar of her name, two keys components stand out.

The location: The Exumas was the perfect choice for our first trip. My family is active and we often spend more time in the water than we do on the boat. The Exumas provide the perfect oasis for snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming pigs, beach picnics, petting sharks, paddle boarding, and, of course, lounging. Stay tuned for a more in depth post on this location – including highlights, secret locations and where to find the best Pain Killer!

Jeff Brown -JCB14806.jpg

The people: One of my favorite sayings is "your vibe attracts your tribe." Our Captain has certainly brought in a wonderful tribe, a crew who under his leadership gave us a week we will never forget. A week where the stresses of home didn't matter, a week where a wonderfully random mixture of moments: of laughs, boat jumps, messy hair, sun burns, salt water, delicious food, chipped nail polish, accents, camouflage (we’re from the South, y’all!), and yes, tequila all laced together to create one perfect week. Keep a look out for features on our fantastic crew.

Our initial voyage has laid the foundation for what the Elysian and all its passengers have become - home.

Over dinner one night with the Captain, I asked him: "if I gave you a plane ticket right now to anywhere in the world, excluding to your family, where would you go?" His answer of New Zealand wasn't very shocking, but when I pressed him as to why, he said this: "When you're there, you just have the best feeling. Money, status, schedules don't matter. You feel welcomed. It's its own little world and there's no place like it." I've never been to New Zealand, but I do have to say I see some similarities to the feeling of being aboard the Elysian.

But the best part of all this? It was only the first trip of many more. Adventure awaits and whether it was beautifully fated or a fortunate accident, I'm truly grateful that this is the tribe I get to experience it with.

And now this is me inviting you to join us.

Jump in, the water’s fine.