Being aboard Elysian makes you feel like you can be anyone, or anything, that you want to be – including a pro wakeboarder. Let me explain.

I’ve spoken of my love for scuba diving before - I’ve always been partial to life under the waves, and Elysian is outfitted to help you explore the best diving spots the world has to offer.

But as I mentioned before, being in paradise makes you feel more alive – and more adventurous. My sister is a great wakeboarder and always looks like a pro. Me? I wasn’t so sure, but I strapped myself in anyway!

Our extremely patient and encouraging crew spent at least five hours in the water with me. I could not have asked for better coaches! Finally, amazingly, I successfully checked wakeboarding off my bucket list. I’m certainly not a pro – but I will definitely continue wakeboarding.

Maybe you’re thinking, “That sounds nice, but wakeboarding really isn’t for me.” Fair enough. There are plenty of other things to do!

If you feel the need for speed, take the WaveRunners for a spin. WaveRunners, to me, are the closest you’ll come to being a cowboy on the open range. It’s only you and the wide open ocean. You’re free - free to (responsibly) explore hidden caves, pristine beaches, intricate mangroves and deserted islands by your own rules.

Speaking of pristine beaches, Elysian also supplies everything needed for the Best. Beach. Day. Ever: cabanas, beach loungers, paddleboards, and if you’re feeling competitive, an array of games and sporting equipment.

But sometimes the best activity is lounging. Nothing wrong with that! Elysian is equipped with an array of inflatables to relax in. My favorite? The trampoline. Blow it up, flip it upside down and you have the perfect ocean lounger.  Pro tip: Bring along a large quantity of frozen margaritas. 

For calm days when you’re feeling fancy and suave, you’ll feel like James Bond riding in the tender affectionately named “The Woody.”  The 24 ft. Yachtwerft Meyer was custom built for Elysian and guarantees you’ll arrive at any destination in style.

It’s the trusty 36 ft. Yellowfin that you will probably enjoy the most, though. From scuba diving to sport fishing to island hopping, the Yellowfin will take you there. Plug in your phone and jam to your favorite playlist for added effect – I find that all of my favorite songs get even better with the wind blowing through my hair and the sunshine beaming down on my face.

That’s not all though! From Seabobs to snorkel gear to inflatable swans, Elysian has anything you could ever need to have fun in the sun. Check out her full offering of tenders and toys here: